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The offerings of the Land Peace Foundation provide a balm for some of the deepest wounds in the world – colonization, genocide, generational trauma, historical and systemic racism, and environmental destruction. All our programs are designed to address the causes and impacts of these social ills, while also redirecting people toward a more balanced, sane, and kind way of being in relationship with one another.

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Donate to the Learning Center at Wicuhkemtultine

We are currently in the process of building an education center at Wicuhkemtultine Kinship Community in Monroe, Maine that will provide Wabanaki Peoples a place to gain traditional and cultural land-based teachings and to support numerous activities that move us toward greater self-determination.

And we need your support.

Our upcoming infrastructure projects include:

  • Construction of 2 wells
  • Installation of 2 septic systems
  • Full barn restoration and installation of a new floor
  • Conversion of the learning campus onto solar energy
  • Renovation of the current garage into office space

In our construction, we are reusing as many spaces as possible to be as noninvasive as we can be. As we increase the footprint of our campus, we are prioritizing construction methods that use the available land to create deep carbon sinks to help with drawdown.

Barn interior at the Wicuhkemtultine Kinship Community
The barn renovation is underway and will be a center piece of the Learning Center at Wicuhkemtultine.