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Three Council Fires

The Governing Council

The Governing Council (Board of Directors) is composed of key leaders from the Wabanaki Nations. They oversee the work of the Executive Director and make decisions for the organization as a whole.

The Governing Council Members

Sherri Mitchell, Esq

Chair/CEO -Indigenous Rights Attorney, Author,
Educator (Penobscot) Founding Director

Dr. Darren Ranco

Indigenous Scholar/Environmentalist, Chair of the Native Studies Program,
University of Maine (Penobscot)

John Bear Mitchell

Associate Director, Wabanaki Center, Professor of Native Studies, University of Maine (Penobscot)

Rhonda Decontie

Restorative Justice Educator, Clerk of Court (Penobscot/Algonquin)

Maggie Dana

Vice Chief of the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Sipiyak (Passamaquoddy)

Eric Mehnert, Esq

Chief Judge, Penobscot Nation Tribal Court

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of cultural and traditional Indigenous leaders who are either from or reside
within Wabanaki Territory. They offer guidance and suggest direction for the organization at the request of the
Board or Executive Director.

The Advisory Council Members


First Mi’kmaq Hereditary Chief, Elder in Residence St. Thomas
University and University of New Brunswick, Language Keeper
Lobster Clan – Eskinopetij Mi’kmaq First Nation


Geo Neptune, Traditional Artist, Educator, 

First Openly Transgender Elected Official in Maine
Snowy Owl Clan – Motahkomikuk Passamaquoddy Nation

Jan Paul

Water and Air Quality Specialist, Environmental Educator,
Penobscot Nation Natural Resource Department
Crow Clan – Penobscot Nation

Tawoma Martinez

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse Advocate and Community Educator, 

Head Female Traditional Dancer
Sparrow Hawk Clan – Mescalero/Jicarilla Apache and Lakota

John Dennis

Language Keeper/Teacher, Cultural Educator, Traditional Dancer, 

Keeper of Laughter Medicine
Moqi Clan, Eskasoni First Nation

Matthew Dana II

Former Passamaquoddy Ambassador to the Maine Legislature,
Passamaquoddy Chief of Police, traditional drummer and singer
Bear Clan – Motahkomikuk Passamaquoddy Nation

The Clan Mothers Council

The Clan Mother’s Council is the organization’s dispute resolution body. They transform conflict and resolve
disputes according to traditional circular processes.

The Clan Mothers Council Members


Esgenoopetitjj First Nation – Lobster Clan

Lisa Dutcher

Tobique Wolastoq First Nation, Crow Clan and Wolf Clan

Marilyn Francis

Eskasoni First Nation, Whale and Red Tail Hawk Clan

Stephanie Morning Star

Mohawk, Turtle Clan

Tania Morey

Aroostook Band of Mi’kmaq, Bear Clan

Charlene Paul Huerth

Penobscot Nation, Crow Clan and Eel Clan

Beverly Little Thunder

Standing Rock Lakota, Bear Clan

Jean Bartibogue

Esgenoopetitj, Lobster Clan

Sharon Tomah

Passamaquoddy Tribe at Motahkomikuk, Eagle Clan

Rachael Nicholas

Passamaquoddy Tribe at Sipayik, Owl Clan

Simone Senogles

Red Lake Anishinaabe, Eagle Clan