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Our Mission

The Land Peace Foundation is dedicated to the protection of Indigenous rights and the preservation of the Indigenous Way of Life. Our work is focused on the protection and preservation of Indigenous land, water, religious and spiritual rights, and developing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that benefit Indigenous Peoples. We also consult with governments and NGO’s to engage the best practices for collaborating with Indigenous populations and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge.

We offer programs that proliferate cultural and traditional ways of knowing and being and foster culturally aligned leadership skills for Indigenous Peoples. At our Wicuhkemtultine location, we also provide ceremonial space for Wabanaki Peoples to meaningfully engage with and uphold our sacred ceremonial way of life.

We believe that success means being a good relative.  

This belief forms the foundational understanding that grounds our programs. All societies organize around core principles. The core principles for Wabanaki Peoples are kinship and relationship.